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Tinted Lipbalm? Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lip RD03 Blackberry Cinnamon

Maybelline launched these new lipstick a while ago and I’m really curious with this product since the color is really eye catching.

Introducing the first three-toned ombre lipstick! Show your versatile side in an instant swipe to achieve bitten lips.


Ultra creamy formula with natural food grade colors.


– Get gradient lips in an instant swipe!

– Infused with natural food grade pigments

– Ultra creamy formula provides 12 hours moisture


STEP 1: Apply on your upper lip with darkest shade faced downwards.

STEP 2: Apply on your lower lip with darkest shade faced upwards.

I love the packaging, it’s typical Maybelline, plastic square tube but the color is cute. It has gradation color just like the lipstick color.

On the top side, there’s a reflective mirror that we can use when we apply the lipstick, really useful and very thoughtful. It’s a bit hard to apply gradation lipstick without looking at a mirror. At the bottom side, there’s the shade code and color along with the MFG date.

Seee….! It’s pretty right. Just like looking at a candy. The three color lipstick is adorable to look at <3 <3 <3. Actually the shape is more like a lipbalm, it has round and flat top.

Since it has three color on it, when it applies in different way it can produce different colors, too. When I applied vertically it brings more red, while the horizontal way brings more wine color just like the original pattern. It leaves some stain after I wipe it off, great one so there’ll be some stain left behind even after eating.

It applies really smooth, just like tinted lipbalm. I’d say it’s more like tinted lipbalm rather than a lipstick. I love the color and the texture, because it makes my skin really moist and fresh at the same time. I’m curious with the orange one now ^_~.


+ Affordable and easy to get

+ Glides smoothly

+ Moist and long lasting

+ Tinted color



– The color is a bit sheer, especially if you choose the soft one but it’s still buildable



I love to use it for daily use. The color is great and the moist texture is awesome. I’ve been searching for tinted lip balm and glad to found this. I’m not really a fan for Maybelline lipstick but love love this one.

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